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Drop to your knees when you’re looking at perfection… #YesGoddessAnnika

Drop to your knees when you’re looking at perfection… #YesGODAnnika
#YesGoddessAnnika @GODAnnika @GoddessAnnika

New year, new rules!

1. @GODAnnika is open to the public.

2. Private profile is by invitation only, @GoddessAnnika.

3. Unblock fine $100, double down.

4. Thank Goddess, do not create busy work. #YesGODAnnika

your Superior,

Goddess Annika

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Serve the Goddess

Financial Domination: Tribute Trample
Financial Domination: Tribute Trample

“Yes, Goddess Annika”

  • Total Power Exchange
    The ultimate sacrifice, give Goddess Annika complete control.
    Apply to be trained and collared as Goddess Annika’s slave.
  • Real Time Sessions
    Email your fetish interests, limits, session goals, and availability.
    2 hour minimum. Deposit required.
  • Buy Session ID
    Ready to serve? Schedule a webcam, phone, or chat session.
    Ask permission to speak, it is a privilege to interact with Goddess Annika.
  • Twitter Lockdown
    If you have a penis, even if it is a micro-penis… #TributeToFollow.
    If you aren’t financing this lifestyle, you don’t exist!
  • Pay To View Store
    Addicted? Prove it! Collect all of my pay to views and feed your addiction.

Used, abused, humiliated, degraded, but loving it!

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Hello subjects,

I am kicking My perfect Goddess feet up in the air as I write this post. Get comfortable on your knees, it’s been a while since I have blessed you. *kneel and insert face* An image of Goddess that is burned in your brain forever. I am proud to have 18 years under My heels as your Superior, Goddess Annika.

I have relished every moment of My lifestyle because I am the creator. They call Me, GOD. A real time Goddess and slave maker. My loyal subjects worship ALL of ME. Their world revolves around Me. The motto, “All about Goddess Annika.

I lead, you follow. you were trained to put Goddess first. A whirlwind of emotions with a flick of the wrist. The need to please Goddess Annika running through your veins. It only takes the snap of My manicured fingers and you obey. A life of submission to the great Goddess Annika is one to be taken seriously.

I have left My mark on more men than I can count. It is NEVER ENOUGH. A rush of power that can not be topped. The high from making you, MINE. One thing will never change, I am Goddess and you are property. Owned by Goddess Annika.

What you have noticed change is My desire to post. I have other passions in addition to My lifestyle. I am still living the #GoddessLife… Maintaining a public presence has not been a priority for a while, though I will always be your priority. Make yourself useful while I build My empire.

Access to @GoddessAnnika is not something a slave is entitled to, it is earned through service. Twitter is locked and I am removing ALL followers. Twitter will remain on lockdown for devoted slaves. Giving Me control over who I deem worthy of rewards. It feels more intimate and I am already enjoying the change. What have you done for Goddess today?

Pleasing Goddess Annika, pleases you!

I have maintained this website since creation. After a server blip, upgrades and fixes… My store is down until further notice. Email pages are working again, re-send if you didn’t receive a response. Blog images are broken. Must be in agreement with Goddess, EARN it. The moneyslavery topsite script was out of date and has been taken offline. The last major overhaul needed approval from a processor, so stay tuned for updates that provide more details regarding real time. you will continue growing along with Goddess. As your ruler, I will decide your role.

Say it with Me bitch, “Yes, Goddess Annika.”

Now repeat.

“Yes, Goddess Annika”

the ONE & ONLY,

Goddess Annika