I bet that title caught your attention, just don’t forget your place with all of this talk about pussy. Is that clear bitch? Mhmmm, good.

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My girl friend Jules got Pussy Punked by your fabulous Goddess Annika. If you’re one of my attentive boys, you know that we like to meet up at fetish events. It’s fun, flirty, and KINKY. When we start smoking up together, you just never know where a conversation will lead. I know, you’re eager to read all about it. You might even be wondering, if this could happen to you? Here’s a reality check, this little story is closer to my pussy than you deserve to be. Hit the pause button, if you haven’t listened to my BF’s podcast. Hurry, I’ll let you catch up.

Okay, now that you’re back… *giggles* Did you get a good laugh? That’s right, Jules was blinded by my pretty pussy in Florida. The funniest part, I wasn’t even trying. Similar to owning your bitch ass, it was easy!

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What you REALLY wanted for Valentine’s day..

To be at my feet, wallet open wide, cock rock hard, begging for My mercy.

Mmm, you’re MINE… Yes, Goddess Annika

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Entertain ME.

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