• Mon, 12:42: So, that php edit failed miserably and my site admin is timing out…
  • Mon, 12:46: I hope support is quick today. My next attempt may break it again!
  • Mon, 12:46: Waiting on my backup to be restored… I Hate Waiting
  • Mon, 13:24: Well, I heard back from support. They are having bandwith issues…
  • Mon, 13:25: Everytime I update, something goes haywire. My plans are on hold until this is resolved now.
  • Mon, 14:32: I guess the issue has been resolved. Wish me luck restoring my backup.
  • Mon, 14:34: The stud brought me a coffee to brighten my mood. Mmm.
  • Mon, 14:35: The page is loading with nothing broken yet, this is a good sign.
  • Mon, 14:43: Restore complete. YES
  • Mon, 14:44: Now, let me see if I can break it again. >:)
  • Mon, 15:32: Alright, I didn’t break anything and the modification works this time…
  • Mon, 16:46: Although it doesn’t work exactly as planned, it’s suitable until I find a better alternative.
  • Mon, 19:11: I know how you will be spending Valentine’s day…
  • Mon, 21:12: I see a few slaves have already found My Valentine’s surprise.
  • Mon, 21:19: Mmm, some of you have even played twice. Keep going!
  • Mon, 21:25: Don’t stop now…
  • Mon, 23:11: Newsletter Sent: You’re Mine Valentine Signup, or View.
  • Mon, 23:12: Subscribe & view my NiteFlirt Newsletter.
  • Mon, 23:17: *NEW* Cum Slave Game – Roll the Dice Available @ My Store & NiteFlirt.

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Kneel and Worship Perfection - Serve Femdom Goddess Annika

Click through to view the music video. >>> Miguel – Adorn
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