Happy-Birthday-Goddess @HerStud knows me well enough to let me pick my own cake. I chose a triple chocolate threat. It has chocolate fudge, mousse, and cake. Happy Birthday Goddess!

I’m enjoying all of the birthday wishes, cards, gifts, tributes, gift certificates, and did I already mention cash? 😉

Lean in and pay attention… I want MORE, it’s never enough. We both know and love my greed.

Still waiting for your surprise? Mmm, good boy. I like keeping you in suspense.

Keep waiting, today is all about ME!

“The Birthday Bitch”
Goddess Annika

Hello minions,

We both know how much I love talking about myself, grab your drink and take a seat.

This time last year, I was cursing my healing nipples. My nipple piercings officially turned one on September, 3rd. I got both nipples pierced on the last day of Montreal Fetish Weekend. I’ve always been pierced in pairs, so I was expecting it to hurt… Well, I couldn’t even get out the right curse words! That made for an interesting visit with my family and a rather funny car ride, I cupped my boobs the whole way home. The healing time hadn’t really crossed my mind at that point. Well hello, throbbing nipples and happy birthday to ME!

1 year is a long healing process and I would still do it all over again. I love how dangerous they are without a bra on. Yes, I’m a professional tease! 😉 I definitely recommend Pat from Mauve in Montreal, loved the studio. I’ll get around to making a dedicated post about the experience, healing, jewelry, etc. I also have something HOT you won’t want to miss, but you will have to be a good boy and wait for it. Are you excited? Get ready to feel the rush. Mmm, I’ve got you right where I want you.

Another year of world domination, reprogramming one horny little man at a time for my benefit. I can’t believe MY birthday is tomorrow… Are you prepared for the the most important day of the year, or will you choose to suffer? It will only hurt worse. I expect my slaves to be attentive, appreciative, and focused on pleasing their Goddess. Your reward is hearing the words good boy escape my lips. I love a variety of fetishes, but my lifestyle is centered around control. If I allow you to exist, you will meet ALL of my demands.

I could talk all day about how fucking fabulous I am, but that’s pretty common knowledge. I’ve spent years fine tuning the power that I hold over the weaker sex. I enjoy it and it’s always felt very natural. My kinky curiosity and ability to create willing subjects allowed me to explore my dominance at an early age. It’s true, I’ll try anything once… I’d love to share some of my more memorable experiences with you, but that could quickly turn into a novel. So, I’ll keep this one all about me. My BDSM lifestyle isn’t changing anytime soon, it only evolves to better suit my needs. I know what I want and how to get it. A very dangerous combination.

This year was good for your Goddess. I focused more on real time slaves and have enjoyed being unplugged a bit more. A healthy balance between the two would satisfy me. When I started online domination in my late teens, I enjoyed the moment. I’ve managed to maintain multiple long term relationships. Unfortunately, I’ve outgrown some along the way too. My goals, desires, and dreams continue moving forward. I never knew where my fascination with the lifestyle would lead me, but I’m still here paving my way.

My relationship with the stud is growing right along with me. Though we’ve always had an open relationship, he was not into men when we started dating. Fast forward to today, we make a mean cuckolding team. Our search for a compatible 24-7 slave has been enjoyable, to say the least. Years later, I’m still living in the moment. Life is short and I’m here to enjoy it.

There’s a lot going on in my world, but I am most excited about our home ownership plans. After putting serious thought into buying, we have decided to build our first home. I’m going to make another one of my dreams become your goal, but I’ll post more about it later. I’ll have a say in the entire process, so I am sure you won’t be able to stop me from talking about it soon enough. If I’m excited, you’re excited. So, prepare your MY wallet!

Most importantly, I’m still the same amazing bitch. I just keep getting better. Life is good and I’m happy. If you earn your position as my slave, you get to be a part of that.

“The Birthday Bitch”
Goddess Annika

P.S. The clock is quickly approaching midnight, who will make the most impressive toast?