Just-the-tip-She-said Just the tip, She said...

Just the tip, She said

There could only be one, Goddess Annika.

Impersonation isn’t my idea of flattery… It’s always something when you own a website. Today, it was my bio and photos on a fake CM profile. The last time, some creep trying to take credit for my site. Before that, a fake CL ad. Now, you get the idea. The text, photos, and designs are not free for all. I put my energy and time into making my vision a reality. It’s not okay to copy.

That may be putting it too nicely, don’t fucking steal!

GoddessAnnikaProofPhoto There could only be one, Goddess Annika.

I took some ‘proof photos’ for my profiles earlier, then I remembered my website readers. Generous of me, no?

I’m also going to give you a warning. There’s an easy way to check. Go to your dominants website and use the email form. I expect most email communication to happen through my website, unless you are directed otherwise. If you fall for victim to a fake profile, or something that sounds too good to be true… What can I say, some people need to learn lessons the hard way.

your Superior,
Goddess Annika

P.S. To those good boys who reported the fake profile, thanks!