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I know you’ve heard that one before, confess in the comments.

It’s tribute Friday moneyslaves and we both know what that means, PAYDAY! As your top priority, I come first and you come second. This isn’t a choice, I own you. What’s yours is MINE. Look how sexy my gold manicure looks wrapped around what used to be yours, it was meant to be! Go make Goddess proud.

The trick is to stop thinking of it as ‘your’ money. #FinancialDomination
Send Tribute :: NiteFlirt :: Gifts

your Superior,
Goddess Annika

Waking up to coffee and cash is the perfect pick me up in the morning for this Goddess.

Cash-Coffee-BJs Best way to wake up your Goddess. Coffee & Cash

My stud woke up to a blow job, which only confirms how well I’ve trained my cuckold bitch.
*No photo included, you’re not worthy.*
Hard to top that.

He also received tribute from one of our latest applicants.
We both shared the same response, how could you forget your Goddess? 😉
Get used to kissing ass and sucking up to both of your owners.

I made the final decision on the bedroom upgrade…

new-toys-spoiled-goddess $515, the damage to my gift certificate balance... SACRIFICE

Best gift of the day and I got to place the order button, jealous?
Take that little twitch in your pants as a sign to top up my gc balance.

I’ve noticed that it’s way too easy to post 140 characters and forget. I want to get back into the habit of posting tributes and gifts on my blog, so I am going to hold back a little on third party platforms. It’s obviously not necessary and far too time consuming to post every tribute, so don’t cry if you aren’t included. It’s not a competition, or is it? 😉

Oh, you're on the highway? See you soon! *Running around the house naked to make sure there are no dildos, whips, collars, etc. left out.*

There are… Fuck me, while I run around like a crazy bitch getting ready for the vanillas.

Just when you think you got everything… Boom, a dick in the face! I-Should-Leave-It-Out Should I have left it out? :twisted:

— Goddess Annika (@GoddessAnnika) March 5, 2014

We had fun entertaining friends, though I am not a fan of last minute notice… I’m sure you understand why. I was tempted to leave the big cock out, but decided to play nice.

I lost track of time when I logged back in, so well done entertaining me. My marks sting and you love it. Cum junky wins the biggest failure award, came without permission and logged off without eating it. Another great example of a ‘boy’ with way with too much focus on the little head. I’m going to use it to take what is mine. 😈

your Superior,
Goddess Annika