The Goddess Visit

It all started with a late text message…..

I had gone to bed Saturday night thinking I had completed all my tasks for the evening. When I woke up, I turned on my cell phone to find out that Goddess Annika had sent me a text message to wake her up at 8am. It was 830 when I got the message. Fuck! I screamed as I quickly dialed the numbers Goddess Annika gave me permission to use. I was worried that she might be awake already. She picked up the phone and told me to phone back 30 minutes later. (Hitting the snooze button?) I checked the clock every minute or so to see how much time I had. I ended up calling her 45 minutes later, instead of 30 minutes later. Again, I was praying she didn’t notice. No answer this time. I assumed she was on the road and continued to get ready.

I arrived in town 30 minutes early, but I still needed to find one or two things that Goddess Annika told me to get. I was dropped off at the wrong location and would have to walk 4.5km to get to our planned destination. I was going to be late! This did not look good on me. I knew I would be dead if I spent any tribute cash I had saved to give to her. I did my shopping as fast as I could when all of a sudden my phone started to ring. The sky up above started to smile upon me as Goddess Annika informed me that she would be a couple hours late for our meeting. TIME! Just what I needed!

I did the shopping I needed to do. I figured that I would be arriving still just at the same time as her, maybe a little earlier as I had at least a 1 hour walk. Having arrived at the restaurant, I went inside and waited for about half an hour to 45 minutes. Being able to see the highway off ramp, I would know when she was coming. When I thought she was going to be there, she did not come. I went outside and killed some more time, maybe about 30 minutes, when my phone beeped. Goddess Annika had sent me a message saying she was just leaving and would be here soon. I knew then I still had another 2 hours. What was I going to do in the restaurant for 2 more hours?

I went back inside and placed a small order to which I texted Goddess Annika and told her about it. She made it quite clear that I had better not use her money. I had teased that I did and she threatened to come, pick up her cash, then just leave me there. I knew she was serious and I knew she would do just that. Joke Over.

I wondered when the staff would say something to me. I wondered if they would try to kick me out. I wondered if they would have me arrested or something crazy for just sitting there and doing nothing. Luckily for me, I was ok.

5 hours after our original meeting time, Goddess Annika and her bf arrived safe and sound. The butterflies started twirling in my stomach hardcore and my hands were shaking. I tried to compose myself as Goddess Annika came to the door. She motioned for me to come from way across the restaurant and headed back outside. I quickly grabbed my things and went to the car. I was so happy to see her again. I was happy to meet the stud for the first time, we talked a little bit. He’s a pretty cool guy. We drove off and went to another location I had scouted for private time. I was about to find out just how much of a world of hurt I would be in. If you’ve read my past blogs, you’ll understand. I can’t write about them here, as Goddess Annika has me obeying a strict rule that I cannot write any more bad blogs.

5 minutes later we arrived at the secret location. (Not so secret in Goddess Annika’s opinion.) We setup and the stud went to find something for dinner. Monkey had noticed Goddess Annika didn’t bring just one crop, but TWO. I didn’t get to find out what else was in the bag of goodies this time. Monkey was praying for zero crops, as he knows that is Goddess Annika’s favorite toy of choice. I should have known HER better than to bring just one. I was already forewarned a few days before our meeting to expect bruises by the time we were done. I was ready to accept my fate. I knew that I could only put it off for so long and she would one day have me cornered. She had me. There was no escape. (Like I would have wanted to!)

It definitely is no lie when Goddess Annika talks about how PERFECT she is. Every bit of it is true. Our meeting began with a big bang! A simple task, but still doing something that I never thought I would get to do. Goddess Annika allowed me to apply lotion to her PERFECT skin. My little monkey brain was in monkey heaven. Caring for the Goddess I have long dreamt of serving.

Goddess Annika asked me: “Tell me monkey, how long has it been?” I knew exactly what she was referencing. No, I’m not in chastity…… YET….. She was referring to how long has it been since I was last permitted to serve her in person. I groaned as I said with frustration toward myself, “Please don’t make me say it… It’s been 6 years…. 6 long long years”. Then there was an awkward silence. Although, I am sure Goddess Annika was laughing on the inside at my pain. In a flash before my eyes I relived all my past, wonderful, glorious, stupidity.

Goddess Annika and I traded some gifts. She spoiled the monkey rotten with many new pairs of shoes, stockings, corsets, clothes pins, and other clothing for my slutty wardrobe. I’ve been threatened with a diet if I keep growing. Some of this stuff is going to be pretty damn tight on me! Goddess Annika also presented me with a new collar, but they don’t make dog collars for pets like me. I will be extremely honored and privileged to accept her collar when we find just the right one. A shopping trip with Goddess Annika to the pet store is in the works!

Goddess Annika’s bf returned with dinner. They both offered me something to eat, but I passed at the generous offer. I was already stuffed from restaurant food. Maybe I should have begged them for the leftovers after they finished? At this point it was determined that we had to stop the session short. The location wasn’t secluded enough and Goddess Annika was already behind schedule. There happened to be a hidden path in the area that I had chosen and it was quite busy with people walking their dogs. It’s too bad my dog collar didn’t fit. I will have to pay more attention to such details next time.

We discussed what will be done differently the next time, what may happen, and the best place for it to happen. She slid her freshly manicured hands into my wallet and took (7) $100 bills and a credit card. Goddess Annika allowed me one more gift before the day was over, she allowed me to give many kisses to her wonderful feet. As I concentrated on the task at hand, I thanked her for this gift and all the other wonderful gifts she gave me. She then spoke. Her tone had changed. It was no longer playful. With emphasis on each word, she picked up her foot and dropped it on my face repeatedly, telling me that I had better not screw up any time soon. We don’t want a repeat and another 6 years before I am allowed to serve her again.

With that we packed our things and went our separate ways. A couple hours later, Goddess Annika showed up at my house!!! I had forgotten to ask her if I may have the laptop back that used to be mine, which she had taken from me as I had purchased it without her permission. Lucky monkey, it was returned to me in one piece. I wish I could say the same about my camcorder.

What an amazing day! I cant wait to do it again. I will have to work especially hard now since I am drunk with love and admiration. Having been given a taste of the one thing I have desired most. To Live, Love, Honor, Obey The Almighty And Powerful Goddess Annika!

Until next time,

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