Only 23 Hours Left!!!

If you haven’t heard by now, Goddess Annika has been having an auction over on her website Click Here To Check It Out!

There is just under 24 hours left to participate and there are more rewards for the winning bidder than just the auction item itself should the winning bid be greater than $250. Goddess Annika has been selective with her own stable of minions as to who is allowed to participate and who is not allowed to participate. Fortunately for me, Goddess Annika was feeling generous and allowed me to put my name into the hat of bidders and did not restrict me in any way on the bidding process. Goddess Annika just caught me trying to be cheap and forced me to increase my bid. I shouldn’t have been so silly to do that. Goddess Annika then pointed out that I bid only $250 and the rules clearly stated that I have to bid more than $250 to get the extra prize. I hope someone outbids me so I can rebid, otherwise I’m going to have to try and break the system in the hopes that I can outbid myself!

I’m distracted too much writing this post. I have to go back to refreshing the auction page to make sure I am still winning!

Somebody help the monkey earn the extra reward! PLEASE???????????

EDIT: My current bid is $400 and there is still 18 hours and 20 minutes left. This is a steal and no price is too high! I will pay anything to be under the heels of Goddess Annika. I worship and adore the very heels that could stomp me out and erase me from existence whenever they desire!

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