On The Disabled List

Hello Everyone,

Sorry to disappoint you all, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’ve been bed ridden with a few serious injures.  No, I didn’t get into an accident or anything like that, but who knew it was possible to get hurt just by sitting for 17 hours a day, all day, every day??? Of course I wish the doctors would just simply close the wound, but the wound specialist prefers to allow it to close “naturally” under strict monitoring. Limiting what I can and cannot do. Goddess Annika also had preferred that they just simply close it, but so far its not meant to be. The last time I received an injury this bad, but to my foot, required me to sit on home care for 8 stinking months. I sure as hell hope I dont have to wait this long. I am waiting for the phone call from “Dr Goddess Annika” instructing me to come to her office for me to allow her to close the wound herself with a needle and thread. Yikes!!!

What this all means is, the first half of my 2012 year so far looks to be in the tank. I’ve already missed so much this year, that I have had to watch from afar via Twitter and it sucks! Goddess Annika has another trip coming up very soon. If you all remember I campaigned really hard to participate in her last trip to Montreal but it was not meant to be. I dont intend to start a campaign for this one. Who knows, maybe I’ll just continue to keep saving everything that I can and maybe this year I’ll have the opportunity to create my own trip, secretly surprise the Goddess at her doorstep, and we can do a little retail therapy or something. First thing is first, I need to continue to get healthy before I can go anywhere, do anything. Then I need to convince Goddess Annika to allow me to come for a visit, make some plans, then hope she doesn’t choose to kick my ass instead and toss me into Lake Ontario!!

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