Monkey’s New Friend – Mr Duct Tape

Goddess Annika tells me all the time to be careful what I say and what I wish for. Tonight there was no such warning…….

In typical monkey fashion I shot my mouth off and I am now paying the price for that. I thought I was doing the RIGHT thing by shutting up and not saying anything that would get me into trouble but well, it didn’t happen like that. Instead Goddess Annika made me eat my words and things got a little more extreme than I would have liked. Take a look for yourself:

Monkey thought it would be smart to gag himself so he wouldn’t say anything dumb. Goddess Annika agreed……

Monkey's Trap Shut

Then it was time for the tape to come off….. I grabbed a hold of the tape and ripped it off as fast as I could… OUCH!….That certainly was not pleasant and I’m pretty sure my lips came off with the damn tape too. Was that enough you ask? Could there of been more? You know it. Goddess Annika told me to agree with her that I loved the suffering and every minute of the attention she was giving me. When I stalled for far too long as her nails were tapping away on the desk, she ordered me to put more tape on my face. I didn’t want to. She wasn’t serious. She was laughing the whole time as she cooked up this idea in her mind. She ordered me to use the duct tape as a blindfold! This cannot be good. No way in hell can this be good. I already know what is going to happen if I have to put the tape on and yank it off.

Score another one for Goddess Annika! Monkey blindfolded……..

Monkey's Eyes Closed

Making sure its on tight and smooth. No Wrinkles!

Monkey's Eyes Closed

Hanging my head it defeat because I know what is coming and I am listening to Goddess Annika laugh hysterically as she’s trying to tell me to do it and I stall for more time

Monkey's Eyes Closed

Maybe if I beg the way Goddess Annika taught me to beg I can make this all go away and pretend it was just a bad dream

Monkey's Eyes Closed

That didn’t work. Now its time to start praying to the Almighty And Powerful Goddess Annika

Monkey's Eyes Closed

RRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! off comes the tape and my face feels like it has been attacked by a million bees. It stings EVERYWHERE! It took a good minute or two to focus my eyes again and trying to ignore the pain. Something as simple as duct tape can really get the point across. That’s not to say that I am weak or anything, but damn. I need to learn to expect the unexpected.

The damage after the tape came off……

Monkey's Eyes Closed

Wowsers! If I didn’t enjoy this. I can only imagine what is going to happen to me when Goddess Annika forces me to undergo the “wax” treatment and god forbid what is going to happen to me when she brings out the big boy toys. There will be welts, there will be bruises, there will be one sore monkey!

Why dont I ever learn?

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