Happy Birthday Bitch

The need to please is real.
The pleasure of sacrifice is My gift to you, but only if you beg.

I love how MY bitch knows his place. Rewards are earned, not expected. There is no break from your service, not even for a birthday! It’s all about ME. Forget being cheeky and asking for a gift, you’ll be buying Me gifts. After years of training and behaviour modification, pleasing the Goddess is ALL this boy really needs… He was thrilled when I allowed him to send a $250 tribute, $120 salon gc, and $50 tim card. Cheers to another year of mind fucking you, whenever and however I please.

1 year ago…

Having his way with cake and forced to eat it.
Remember your last birthday? I instructed you to get cake and you brought back a doughnut… Of course you do, you were happier than a pig in shit. Sometimes, you really can have your cake and eat it too!

He probably wishes these didn’t exist, along with many others.

your Superior,
Goddess Annika

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Bitch”

  1. wow what a lucky birthday bitch. i bet his cum filled cake tasted a tad bit better than my stale wheat bread :/

    happy bday fellow bitch

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