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This photo amuses me the most, likely due to my artwork. I put the placement of that bbc at faggy’s puckered lips in the perfect position. The only thing that could make this better, a real big black cock! 

Hold back your excitement, no cumming without permission. Spot the nip slip, then look for something a little harder to find… Get out your magnifying glass. Yep, the outline of a tiny clitty in pink panties.  Turned off yet? *smirk* 

Waking up everyday with a baby dick is humiliating enough, but why stop there? Faggy started doing squats to booty build for a better view while he’s bent over, ass up. *laughs* I love the scent of a broken boy and this one smells like cock.

Being a paid slut means admitting a harsh reality. Your small dick is useless, so offer up your ass and mouth instead! Keep doing your squats. I want to see progress photos of your big booty. It’s not like your clit is ever going to be a best seller. 

Pathetic, right!?! Now you understand why I have a stud to satisfy my sexual needs, whenever I please.

your Superior,
Goddess Annika

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