Auction Results


I cant wait to pay and wait impatiently for the mailman to bring me the best present ever in the history of history! I cant take any credit for this win. If it hadn’t been for Goddess Annika’s wisdom to help me create the necessary budget space so that I could bid. If it hadn’t been for Goddess Annika’s generosity, I would have been sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else have fun instead of being allowed to have the same happy feelings. This auction was difficult and intense. At first, I thought I was going to have it pretty easy, but during the last 24 hours, other people stepped up and it became a bidding frenzy right up until the last minute!

Even though I won, I know there will be rules, an inevitable session, some compromising new photos of me but….. I DONT CARE! It will be totally well worth it. I should have paid a lot more and I’m sure down the road I will end up paying a lot more somehow. For now, if Goddess Annika doesn’t find reason to take my prize away, I will cherish it when it comes in the acceptable manner that I am allowed to. I cannot wait for the next auction to come! I have no idea what will be next or where I am going to get the money. I will do my best to keep Goddess Annika happy so that I can secure my spot in other auctions.

Monkey Wins Goddess Annika's shoes

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