Tribute Goddess Annika Money Slave

Your money is My money. It looks sexy my manicured hands and bank accounts. Pleasing Me, pleases you. It is your job to maintain My lifestyle. As My personal ATM machine, you will do your best to exceed my weekly expectations. Lay your sacrifice at My feet to gain the attention of your Goddess and work even harder to keep it. Your sole purpose in life is to obey Goddess Annika. Open your wallet now and say, “Yes, Goddess Annika.”

Interac e-Transfer

Interact Email Money Transfers

Security Question: Location Answer: Toronto

Send an email interac e-Transfer straight from your Canadian bank account.
Mmm, taking cash right from your bank account and putting it in mine.
Available to Canadian money slaves with online banking.

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Good little money slaves know their place in my world. You will work hard, work over time, cut back on expenses, dip into savings, get two jobs, or any other menial task to earn extra tribute money for me. Your goal is to please me at all costs. My slaves enjoy that their earnings are contributing to my luxuries and they know they are sending their money exactly where it belongs. Making sure that I get anything I desire is your goal. Tribute your extra earnings to a day at the spa, mall, or night out. They are my favorite things to do. I shop in Toronto, when I travel, and online too. I really love going out with my girl friends, or my boyfriend on my slave’s paycheque. Now, that is what I call a hard day at work.