Hello minions,

Winter strikes again, I lost the last blog during a power outage. What a ‘friendly’ reminder to save everything. *insert curse words* Oh well, you will take anything you can get. Nod your head in agreement slave. I’m loving all of the snow this winter, it’s so pretty. But, I don’t have to suffer in it like the rest of you. 😉 Being on Goddess time means I do what I want, when I want. This makes you happy and gives you a reason to exist in my world. You will do anything to ensure that my time is filled with only the things that please and amuse me.

Winter-Wonderland It's think snow is beautiful. It looks like it belongs on a postcard.

It’s beautiful, who wouldn’t love this sight! Let’s see if I feel the same when I return. We leave today to start cuts for the build. It should be interesting, I’ll likely stick to doing what I do best… Bossing everyone around. 😈 With me as motivation, we better get a lot accomplished! I’ll be back on Sunday, possibly Monday.

I’m usually a night owl, but I managed to get a snooze in. One of my slaves woke me with a text letting me know my coffee was waiting downstairs. He wanted to get my day off to a good start before he went to work, such a good boy. Obviously, I’ve trained him well. 😀 *sipping my coffee*

I-Need-A-Packing-Bitch Where is a good packing bitch when you need one?

We leave today and I only have my luggage picked out. The stud is driving and he’s still in bed. My slaves are busy working hard for me, not that I am complaining… 😐 I could use a service bitch who can be on call 24/7, maybe that slave is you. This trip should be easy to pack for, since it’s to get work done. We do have a casual date planned with a slave if everything goes well, but I’m not bringing toys. The only thing he will be packing is his wallet. 😉 It’s okay if you’re a little bit jealous, you can do the same here.

RedandBlackLeatherGoddessAnnika Kicking my feet up, ready for worship. Don't drool on the Goddess' red and black leather bitch. Send tribute and bow down.

Send tribute and add this photo to your worship collection.
Send tribute and add this photo to your collection. (750x1000 through Niteflirt.com)

I want to see my owned slaves continue their efforts and push even harder to please Me, new and old. Excuses for less than your best aren’t acceptable. When a slave is putting in the work to meet my expectations, submitting to My control, and pleasing Me… It fuels my fire. Power and control that extends beyond a session is what I consider ownership. A long term relationship is built and you have to put in the time to earn that level.

The lifestyle lover in me enjoys the deeper connection that is possible with LTR, but I enjoy financial domination just as passionately. I’ve weaved a hot balance between the two for many years. I expect you to be prepared to take my training seriously when you click the submit button on my slave application.

Anything4Annika Anything you say, be prepared for me to put that to the test. ;) *looking at your sternly* You can't resist me.

Finding you are weak for me, but not ready to commit? Having fun under my spell is still going to take some effort on your part. Begin by sending tribute to get my attention, gifts are the next best thing. I enjoy chat, phone, and webcam worship sessions. If you are shy, you can chat to get to know more about me. See how easy it can be, when you obey?

Speaking of gifts, I never bothered posting about Valentine’s day. You shouldn’t need a reminder to show me your love and appreciation. You live to worship and I expect it automatically. If you’ve failed, you can correct this by sending a gift card and begging for forgiveness. Yes, I’m looking right at you. Amazon.com if you get lost.

Cuckold assignment, the Goddess wants...

Those of you who’ve received assignments should be working diligently to complete them while I am out of town. If you aren’t one of the lucky boys, click above. Title: Cuckold assignment, Goddess wants… At the moment, you are my lingerie cuck. This pay to view will be updated as my desires change and you may even find rewards in future assignments. Be prepared to get out your wallet to complete this one. The next planned assignment I’m taking with me and it’ll be cuming soon…

Call Spoiled Goddess Annika: Ignore line.

My ignore line will be available through the weekend. I *might* have time to talk, or not.

your Superior,
Goddess Annika

6 Slaves Worshiping : “Updates from your Superior Goddess”

  • slave j:

    thank you so much for this update into your life Goddess. it is so awesome to get such detail about the fantastic Goddess life you live. i am so honored to now be a part of it and will continue to do my best to make your life the best.

  • servingannika:

    I’d do anything to worship Goddess Annika’s feet. She wouldn’t have any trouble getting me to pack that bag for Her. Her soft Legs look so beautiful stretched out on that chair. I feel like She is looking right through me in that pic with Her piercing eyes and wicked red lips.

  • slave j: Anything less than your best would be unacceptable.

    servingannika: You will do anything. Owned.

  • JohnnyJerk:

    JohnnyJerk jerks it for Goddess Annika. JohnnyJerk jerks it for Goddess Annika. JohnnyJerk jerks it for Goddess Annika. JohnnyJerk jerks it for Goddess Annika. JohnnyJerk jerks it for Goddess Annika. JohnnyJerk jerks it for Goddess Annika. JohnnyJerk jerks it for Goddess Annika. JohnnyJerk jerks it for Goddess Annika. JohnnyJerk jerks it for Goddess Annika. JohnnyJerk jerks it for Goddess Annika. JohnnyJerk can’t stop jerking it for Goddess Annika.

  • walking wallet:

    You are stunning.

  • UnderHerHeel:

    My god you are beautiful! It’s obvious as can be, but every once in a while I look at your pictures and I’m overwhelmed by your perfection. I read the devotion in other slave comments and I recognize the same desire to please and serve you that I feel in myself. You deserve everything you ever desire Goddess. You are perfection. We are privileged to exist in your world.

Worship Goddess Annika