What pleases Goddess Annika?
An answer that can be summed up in one word, obedience.

Powerful-Dominant-Sexy-Superior-Femdom Powerful, Dominant, Sexy, Superior, Wallet Seductress, Cruel Goddess, Cuckoldress, Toronto Lifestyle & Financial Femdom

A quality that I seek in my slaves and influence for my benefit. When serving a powerful femdom your choices are limited… Her way, or the highway. The cost of kneeling before perfection. (You love it, confess in the comments.) What seems like a trivial task in the heat of the moment, only reinforces your instinct to obey. Satisfying when developed to obey without thought. Seducing your wallet is easy, I want and deserve your submission.

looksbetterinmyaccount Fucktard, AKA ServingAnnika's $500 looks better in my account.

Something fucktard, also known as serving Annika knows well. He is owned. There is no thought process, he’s to act accordingly. I might be cruel, but I enjoy pushing his comforts in various ways. Sexually. Physically. Mentally. Financially. His natural response is to obey.

your Superior,
Goddess Annika

8 Slaves Worshiping : “Obedience”

  • servingannika:

    Goddess Annika is too kind to this loser servingannika. Happy to be owned, my life is Hers to command. She deserves so much, it’s the least i can offer.

  • SLAVE J:

    Goddess, it is an honor to be one of your mindless puppets. You are so much smarter than i can ever imagine being and it is so nice to allow you to do all of my thinking for me. It is 3:40 am here and I just got home from work for you and i could not be happier. Thank You Goddess for allowing me to learn what obedience means from you!!

    oh, and WOW!! that photo puts me in my place. Reminds me perfectly of why i work so hard for you

  • robert:

    Goddess Annika, You are the prefect Goddess and Mistress to worship and obey. Is there a way to send cash tributes to become Your devoted slave?

  • servingannika: Born to serve, you can’t live without pleasing Me!
    slave j: On your knees, where you belong.
    robert: More perfect than words can describe. My box is posted here.

  • loser rob:

    Goddess Annika is beautiful and perfect. i find myself more entangled in Her web each day. Hopefully, i will be lucky enough to be further mindfucked by this exquisite Goddess. Logically, i should turn back, but my little hardon won’t let me.

  • atm:

    Goddess Annika’s latest pic post is the epitome of true beauty and perfection.

  • I want to be your slave

  • Fill out My slave application.

    your Superior,
    Goddess Annika

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