Let’s take a walk down memory lane, comment if you can remember when I made this.

WillSheCrushHim Look at this little man worshiping... Mmm, beg me not to crush you wimp!

Do you know what year it was posted?

Maybe you even recognize yourself under my heel. 😈

I’ve been organizing everything digital. Which means, I’m finding goodies that I’ve been hoarding collecting for years. Expect to see more random posts from the past.

4 Slaves Worshiping : “Memory Lane”

  • servingannika:

    I’ve been viewing Your posts for years and I never saw it. Thank You for sharing.

  • If you were serving, you weren’t focused enough on your Goddess. Keep working harder. 😈

  • walking wallet:

    Wallet remembers Goddess Annika.

  • UnderHerHeel:

    I wish I knew Goddess, but my privileged servitude to you has only just begun, but deepens every day. The addiction grows, and no doubt, I am, as my name would indicate, firmly under your heel…and spell.

Worship Goddess Annika