Is it in yet?

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I know you’ve heard that one before, confess in the comments.

It’s tribute Friday moneyslaves and we both know what that means, PAYDAY! As your top priority, I come first and you come second. This isn’t a choice, I own you. What’s yours is MINE. Look how sexy my gold manicure looks wrapped around what used to be yours, it was meant to be! Go make Goddess proud.

The trick is to stop thinking of it as ‘your’ money. #FinancialDomination
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your Superior,
Goddess Annika

5 Slaves Worshiping : “Is it in yet?”

  • slave j:

    contrary to your belief, i have yet to hear those words 🙁

  • walking wallet:

    The Goddess knows it too well. Her fingers look so perfect wrapped around wallets.

  • servingannika:

    Goddess Annika looks so good in Her ballbusting pic. I love to make Her proud and Her sexy gold manicure does look good on any of Her wallets:)

  • UnderHerHeel:

    From the first glance, I was hooked Goddess. You wrapped me around your little finger so tightly and easily relieved me of my wallet as well. Every sacrifice I have to make to give you more, it shall be done. You are my first, and only priority. What I earn, you will have.

  • matt:

    I would love to have Goddess’ gorgeous hands reaching into my wallet and taking my cold, hard cash in person one day…a boy can dream.

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