Happy-Birthday-Goddess @HerStud knows me well enough to let me pick my own cake. I chose a triple chocolate threat. It has chocolate fudge, mousse, and cake. Happy Birthday Goddess!

I’m enjoying all of the birthday wishes, cards, gifts, tributes, gift certificates, and did I already mention cash? 😉

Lean in and pay attention… I want MORE, it’s never enough. We both know and love my greed.

Still waiting for your surprise? Mmm, good boy. I like keeping you in suspense.

Keep waiting, today is all about ME!

“The Birthday Bitch”
Goddess Annika

1 Slave Worshiping : “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GODDESS”

  • UnderHerHeel:

    I hope the absence of slave comments on here are a reflection of all others being too busy spoiling you for your birthday Goddess. Your greed is only surpassed by your beauty, and you deserve whatever you wish for. Our job is to provide for you every chance we have. Happy belated Birthday Goddess Annika. You are amazing!

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